High Accuracy Modbus Energy Meter

pMon® PM-3133P



  • High accuracy power meter calibrated to achieve 0.5% accuracy or better.

  • True RMS measurements, including kW, kVAr, kVA, Power Factor and THD.

  • Modbus RTU/TCP support and options for RS-485 Serial communication or Ethernet to suit individual needs.

  • Safe extra-low voltage, split core current transformer for safe and easy installation.

  • Dual relay switch for equipment control and demand management. 

pMon® PM-3133P is an advanced smart meter designed to measure and report True RMS measurement data for power quality, energy consumption and demand analysis.The PM-3000 series meters can be applied to both the low voltage primary side and/or medium/high voltage secondary side, operating over a wide range of input voltages from 10 to 500 VAC at 50 or 60Hz. In addition to monitoring, there are two relay output channels controlled via Modbus protocol for load control, demand management or exception  notification.

Utilising its low profile form factor, PM-3000 series energy meter can be installed neatly into existing distribution board or wiring panel. Multiple PM-3000 series meters can be connected and managed by pMon®  PMC-5151 Intelligent Gateway using daisy chain scheme for device management, data logging, web-based reporting and high level application integration with pMon®  Dashboard, DCIM or SCADA/BMS.


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pMon 3-Phase 3 CTs RS-485
Modbus RTU
Power Meter with 2 x Relay Output


 pMon 3-Phase 3 CTs Ethernet Modbus

TCP Power Meter with 2 x Relay Output