Enterprise Power Monitoring & Energy Management

pMon®  PMC-5151



  • Data Logging and Protocol Conversion advanced gateway

  • Expandable I/O supports up to 24 pMon® Power Meters and 8 Modbus I/O modules.

  • Demand/Condition Analysis and Reporting with automatic report delivery via FTP.

  • Industrial Data Protocol Support including SNMP v2c, Modbus RTU/TCP for enterprise integration.

  • Robust Reoal-Time System designed for mission critical application including logic control and exception notification.

The PMC-5151 Power Meter Concentrator is a web-based intelligent device gateway designed for comprehensive power analysis, energy management and industrial instrumentation applications. It can connect up to 24 pMon® PM-3000 series power meters plus 8 other Modbus devices to form a comprehensive power, energy and instrument monitoring network.

Utilising Web 2.0 UI design, PMC-5151 provides an intuitive and responsive user interface for rapid system configuration and on-the-fly analysis of meter and sensor data on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Inside the PMC-5151 is a high performance 32-bit processor with 4GB on-board storage that is capable of running multiple concurrent data and information services, including FTP, Flash HMI, Modbus Slave Mode and SNMP v2c support.

With multiple physical COM ports and dual Ethernet interfaces, PMC-5151 offers greater flexibility and performance when connecting to multiple Serial and Ethernet networks.


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