Reduce System Failures With Contamination Control Mats



  • Anti-microbial agent - the acrylic adhesive does not support microbial growth
  • 1.4mm sheet thickness prevents tearing - 30% thicker than standard mats. 
  • Quality manufacturing ensures mats are the perfect stickiness, so adhesive does not get tracked into your clean room.
  • Numbered tabs indicate the number of remaining sheets left. 30 layers each mat.
  • Removes up to 95% of particles at 0.30 microns.

Contamination Control Mats are your first line of defense against particulate contamination. It is best to place the mats at each entrance to your controlled environment, because dust and contamination have a way of finding their way into your rooms. Avoid contamination which can lead to dramatic equipment failure!

Each Control Mat has multiple ultra-thin sheets of quality adhesive-coated film. Mats can be placed inside a low-profile, no-trip, non-skid frame attached to the floor. As foot traffic or wheels pass over the mat surface, the non-transferring adhesive locks onto dirt and holds it for disposal.

Simply peel the exposed sheet off when it becomes soiled and non-tacky, to expose a fresh sheet.


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Contamination Control Mat