Maximum Cool Air for Maximum Efficiency


  • Meets Cisca and BS EN 12825 Standards.
  • 70°  directional air flow directed to where you need it, reducing air loss.
  • The only directional panel in the world made of cast aluminum.
  • Extremely Durable Grey Hammer-tone powder coat finish to prevent corrosion.
  • Comes with a Split Louvered Damper so you can adjust the volume of air.

Reduce System Failures With Contamination Control Mats



  • Anti-microbial agent - the acrylic adhesive does not support microbial growth
  • 1.4mm sheet thickness prevents tearing - 30% thicker than standard mats. 
  • Quality manufacturing ensures mats are the perfect stickiness, so adhesive does not get tracked into your clean room.
  • Numbered tabs indicate the number of remaining sheets left. 30 layers each mat.
  • Removes up to 95% of particles at 0.30 microns.