Maximum Cool Air for Maximum Efficiency


  • Meets Cisca and BS EN 12825 Standards.
  • 70°  directional air flow directed to where you need it, reducing air loss.
  • The only directional panel in the world made of cast aluminum.
  • Extremely Durable Grey Hammer-tone powder coat finish to prevent corrosion.
  • Comes with a Split Louvered Damper so you can adjust the volume of air.

Reduce System Failures With Contamination Control Mats



  • Anti-microbial agent - the acrylic adhesive does not support microbial growth
  • 1.4mm sheet thickness prevents tearing - 30% thicker than standard mats. 
  • Quality manufacturing ensures mats are the perfect stickiness, so adhesive does not get tracked into your clean room.
  • Numbered tabs indicate the number of remaining sheets left. 30 layers each mat.
  • Removes up to 95% of particles at 0.30 microns.


EziBlank® is an Australian based data centre air flow management product brand, who has distributed millions of our highly acclaimed 6-RU blanking panels worldwide. With EziBlank's cohesive aesthetic design philosophy and a patented mounting clip for square hole mounting rail, EziBlank blanking panel is the most elegant server cabinet air containment solution both aesthetically and functionally. In EziBlank® we believe firmly in sustainability and efficiency in data centres, our products are created by the principle of lightweight, intuitive and just-fit design as opposed to over-engineered & cumbersome. Using EziBlank® products is effortless, and because all of our products are built to be durable and reusable, our customers get more value from every dollar they invest on our environmentally friendly products.

pMon® is an industrial leading power monitoring and energy reporting system that comprises both robust metering hardware and comprehensive business intelligence reporting. The pMon® is built on a high performance embedded system that offers a suite of information dashboards and intelligence reporting, in addition, its ecosystem is based upon industrial standards such as Modbus and SNMP and is ready out of the box for IT enterprise and BMS integration. pMon® monitoring and reporting system has been adopted by major vendors, data centre operators and telecommunication exchanges for energy performance benchmarking including Energy Saving Scheme, NABERS and data centre PUE.