Maximum Cool Air for Maximum Efficiency


  • Meets Cisca and BS EN 12825 Standards.
  • 70°  directional air flow directed to where you need it, reducing air loss.
  • The only directional panel in the world made of cast aluminum.
  • Extremely Durable Grey Hammer-tone powder coat finish to prevent corrosion.
  • Comes with a Split Louvered Damper so you can adjust the volume of air.

EZ-65-D  is a  70 degree directional tile that will put the cold air where you want it… directly into your server cabinet. A directional tile reduces air loss and the EZ-65-Directional tile and it is a full 65% open area tile so you’ll get maximum amount of air to cool those high density servers. TheEZ-65-D is the ONLY directional airflow panel in the word made of cast aluminium so there is no worry of zinc whiskers or rust… ever!

The EZ-65-D has a factory applied, extremely durable, grey hammer-tone powder coat finish to prevent corrosion. The EZ-65-D meets the MOB PF2 PS, CISCA and BS EN 12825 standards for point load, uniform distributed load and rolling load.

The EZ-65-D is also available with a split louvered (opposable-plate) damper so you can adjust the volume of air needed for your particular application and equipment load. The EZ-65-D damper has a slim profile so the underfloor laminar airflow is not affected.


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 EZIBLANK® Directional High Output Airflow Panel