Stackable Rack Substitute Panel


  • A stable, stackable rack-sized airflow barrier that can be positioned anywhere.
  • Quick to assemble from a flat sheet into the strong triangular structure.  
  • Suits various rack spaces up to 46RU high and 600 / 750 / 800mm wide.
  • Prevents hot air recirculation in a hot or cold containment aisle.
  • 3 Sizes in one. Simply “rotate” to obtain correct rack width.

A cost-effective way to maintain important airflow dynamics within a Data Centre.

These EziBlank® Wall replacement racks are assembled in minutes, creating a stable rack sized airflow barrier, that can be positioned anywhere and re-used again and again.

The modular design transforms our highly acclaimed EziBlankWall to a 2-piece, stackable design, transporting and storing on-site has never been easier.

Each modular can cover up to 23U or 46U when stacked together.

Assembled from a flat sheet, EziBlank®Wall panels build quickly into a strong, stable triangular structure. Each individual rack consists of 1 sheet of 2315mm x 2180mm.

Easily construct a full-height rack in seconds.


Ordering Information:


 EziBlank®WALL Containment Air Flow Control Rack Replacement Panels. Suits 600mm, 750mm and 800mm wide Racks, Pack of 2.